Lepak Corner – Creative Still Life

Date – January 9th 2011 (12pm – 6pm) 

Location – Aver Awards, Ground Floor e@Curve

Aver Awards had our monthly Lepak Corner again and this time around, the topic was Creative Still-Life. Working together with professional photographer, Sanjitpaal Singh, participants had an opportunity to learn and shoot still-life. Sanjit planned three activities on that day. First; creating heart-shaped shadows with a ring, Second; capturing liquid splashes and third; shooting commercial still-life. Sanjit taught the participants on how to manipulate lightings to create stunning images and also how to properly place different products to bring out the beauty in them. Everyone had a hands-on experience handling the equipments needed to shoot still-life images. Giving a step-by-step guidance, the participants got a thorough understanding of the basics of shooting still-life and what are the major concerns that commonly occur when shooting them. Great promotional deals for various products were given to those who joined us that day.

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