DSC World Forum 3.0 : Be a Qualified Wedding Photographer

21st December 2013 : A workshop entitled “Be a Qualified Wedding Photographer” by Ridzuan Rashid A.K.A “Mister Bar”. In this workshop “Mr Bar” shared his experience and provide valuable tips on how to enter the qualifying round in the Wedding and Portrait Photographers Malaysia ( WPPM ). He also show case the pictures he used for the WPPM qualifying round to give an idea to the attendees and also selected wedding photos he show which won praise and admiration from the client

Here are the photos for the event





Basic Photography Workshop

30th November 2013 , a Basic Photography Workshop was held at the Aver Awards Store, Low Yat Plaza attendees learned the the basic of operating their “EOS” camera, various shooting modes , the basic ISO, shutter speed and Aperture, introduction to Canon lenses, ¬†flashes and other photo equipments, basic tips on composition ant etc. ¬† Here are the photos for the workshop

Here are the photos:


DSC World Forum 2.0 , High Speed Photography Demonstrations

High Speed Photography is all about being able to bring time to a complete standstill. It requires precision, great skill, technique and years of experience to be able to master the art of high speed photography.

Everything must be perfect to capture that perfect image, including a great shuttering system and the right tinge of lighting. High speed photography is all about capturing the essence of the moment in the blink of an eye – sometimes capturing things even the human eye may miss.

Our speaker “Justin Lai” exposed attendees on the tweaks and techniques on mastering “High Speed Photography”. Many factors come into play for this type of photo shoot

“Don’t Blink”