DSC World Forum 2.0 , High Speed Photography Demonstrations

High Speed Photography is all about being able to bring time to a complete standstill. It requires precision, great skill, technique and years of experience to be able to master the art of high speed photography.

Everything must be perfect to capture that perfect image, including a great shuttering system and the right tinge of lighting. High speed photography is all about capturing the essence of the moment in the blink of an eye – sometimes capturing things even the human eye may miss.

Our speaker “Justin Lai” exposed attendees on the tweaks and techniques on mastering “High Speed Photography”. Many factors come into play for this type of photo shoot

“Don’t Blink”

LUMIX G : Creative Indoor Macro Workshop

9th November 2013 , Aver Awards organised a Lumix G : Creative Indoor Macro Workshop conducted by Panasonic , Attendees were exposed in way of capturing beauty through ordinary household objects to create unique, artistic images using less fancy equipment, or technical proficiency with any ordinary camera systems.
Here are the pictures for the event :

DSC World Forum 1.0 : Create a Magical Fantasy Image Effect in Photoshop

26th October 2013 :
Photography enthusiast attended a workshop organised by Aver Awards at the Aver Awards store in Plaza Low Yat.  Attendees learned to “Create a Magical Fantasy Image Effect In Photoshop” . Our Speaker Danny Tan held a live demo on how simple ideas and techniques can create a world of difference. Attendees have the opportunity in enhancing their skills to transform portrait photographs into “Fantasy-Like” images using Photoshop. 
Here are the photos taken that day :