Creative Reflections November 2011 Lepak corner

Monthly workshop “Lepak Corner” was held on 13 November 2011 conducted by Digital SLR team and Aver Awards Sdn Bhd who led the participants through the difficult technique of shooting reflections through a drop of water. The 20+ participants who attended the event definitely not only had a great learning experience but also got to enjoy special offers exclusive to participants of Lepak Corner only, courtesy of Aver Awards. At first, the participants, who mostly comprised of first timers at a Lepak Corner workshop were shy and reserved. However, after being invited to setup the props for the shoot and actually trying out the shoot themselves, Lepak Corner lit up with a hive of activity as each participant took their turn to attempt this very difficult macro technique. At the end, only three participants stayed back to really take their time to not go home empty handed, Sure enough, they only left after getting the shots that satisfied them.

As usual, the participants got to try ut the super sharp and¬†affordable¬†Tamron SP AF90mm/ f2.8 Di Macro in both Canon and Nikon mounts. Everyone got to use the lenses to see for themselves if this lens deserved the praise that the international photographic community had showered on it. The uber sharp yet affordable Canon EF 100mm f/2.8L IS Macro USM lens was also brought out to let the participants judge for themselves what Canon’s L lens quality was all about. Thanks to the enthusiastic crowd for their continued support of Lepak Corner.