Lepak Corner – Gets Creative With Flashes

Our participants were taught about the creative use of light and flashes.

Aver Awards had their monthly Lepak Corner again and this time around, the topic was Creative Flash. Teng Wei, Professional travel photographer was invited as the guest speaker to cover three subtopics under Creative Flash; second curtain sync and backlighting. The participants were taught how to operate flashes using transmitters and the Pocket Wizard. It was a really interesting experience for all as slow-sync and second-curtain sync applications are not commonly used. Incorporating in the day’s lesson, Teng Wei also taught the participants about light painting and how to produce stunning images with these creative uses of light. Every participant got an opportunity to set up their camera to the lighting system and have a hand on experience synchronizing the flashes. Teng Wei was there to give personal guidance to every participant. Great promotional deals for various products from Aver Awards were specially given to participants that joined us on that day too.