Lepak Corner March High-speed flash with a splash

Lepak Corner conducted a great learning experience on high-speed flash using fun and interesting props.

The monthly Aver Awards Lepak Corner was held again and this time, the topic was on high-speed flash. Professional photographer Teng Wei was the appointed speaker for that day and participants who attended definitely not only had a great learning experience but a lot of fun with the props too. Using a fish tank filled with water and other props such as oranges, tomatoes and apples, Teng Wei thought the participants how to manipulate the flashes to capture and splash when the props are dropped into the water. Aver Awards provided all the necessary photography equipments such as Nissin flashes and Manfrotto tripods for the participants to use. A very throughout explanation was carried out by Teng Wei to explain about the set-up and how the flashes should be controlled. The participants then took turns shooting and dropping the fruits splash. It was a good learning experience as everyone got a hands-on practice on manipulating the flashes and equipments. Lots of promotional offers were also given on that day to the participants who joined Lepak Corner. Join us for the next Lepak Corner at e@curve on April 3rd, 2011 titled ‘Freeze the Moment’.